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La Niña is a dynamic platform that promotes female and non binary femme artists and their impact to our contemporary world. It aims to present various events/projects featuring female artists across various art forms and locations. In addition to this one of the main objectives of this project is to enable collaboration and strengthen the bonds between females working in the creative industry. This platforms aims to feature artists shinning their brightest, and ultimately inspire future generations and empower women around the globe. 

We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, gender-queer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

This project is an initiative directed by Katherine Gailer with the support of Lucy Lucy and No Vacancy Gallery.



The name of the project is inspired by the natural phenomenon La Niña- a large-scale cooling of sea surface temperatures across the central and equatorial Pacific Ocean.  Rain clouds form as a result of the lifting of warm, the air rises and the number and intensity of rainstorms increase. It is a phenomenon well known for its strong winds and radical changes in the atmosphere. Some even consider it a destructive force, which ultimately renews and has a positive impact on the fertility of the land and the see.

It became evident to us that society is going through its own La Niña phenomenon as females around the world are reclaiming their power. Storms form from this empowerment and a destructive force rises to radically challenge old social structures. Female artists are contributing largely to this radical change, giving birth to the reconstruction of new female identities.


Just like the natural phenomenon La Niña, this project features artists that are ready to nurture and reconnect, to destruct and recreate.


Although there is a growing recognition of female artists within the art industry, there is still a gender polarity that we cannot transcend until we equally value all parts. The art world got caught up in a reductionist approach for far too long, and women and female-in-transition artistic contribution has only been recently acknowledged. Therefore

it is essential to enable spaces that assist the emergence and growth of female artists and redefine the Feminine in art. If art serves as a system of knowledge, guards our collective memory and develops cultural identity, it must reach an equal reflection of females’ ways of knowing to be complete.


Katherine Gailer is a committed multidisciplinary artist and arts manager. She graduated with honors from a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an Arts Management Masters Degree– both at RMIT University. Her work underscores a main theme that looks at the complex relationship between fragility and strength, vulnerability and empowerment- and her artworks can be interpreted as a series of confronting tensions to articulate the essence of the Feminine as a force of relatedness in our world today. Rediscovering a sense of the sacred and revisiting our ancient past embody the driving force for the development of her artworks.

Through La Niña Gailer aims to collaborate and curate artistic spaces that give voice to those that have been historically silenced, as such this project focuses on works produced by females from diverse backgrounds.

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