Astro Twitch

I have been working on this style of painting in which the portraits of queer and trans women are broken or torn into pieces.


In this case painting is made on cut wood panels. What I'm trying to portray is a person that is isolated, is broken and yet still exists in spite of these things, and can even still attain a sense of beauty. The intention is to illustrate the concept of queer and femme survival in normal society.

Astro Twitch
Portrait of KT Spit
Portrait of Zellia Rose
Portrait of Bam Bem
Portrait of Gala Vanting
Astro T_Install
Life Of Trauma
Astro Twitch

Short interview

What is the narrative behind your work? In other words, what inspires you?


My painting generally deal with the lived experiences of queer and trans people, and especially focusing on people who identify as femme.

What is the feminine for you and how does it impact your work?


I think of feminists as a willingness and availability to provide emotional support and labour for people around you, and an aesthetic concept that is associated with that openness. When I make paintings or install rooms I like to create an immersive sense that one is surrounded by this support.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges you face as a female artist / non-binary femme artist?


I’ve literally had artists and gallery people tell me that if I didn’t just make paintings about women that my art would probably do better. I’ve also had someone tell me that by focusing on only woman and queers my art is less important, and that I should make work that is “broader”. The second statement is almost a direct quote from a well known artist, he said it then two other people nodded in agreement, all three were straight white cis men.


In a few words, can you share with us what have been some of the key elements to develop your artistic career?


Ha! I don’t know that I’ve had much by way of a “career”. I can say that just sticking with it is probably the most important thing for me. I just try to keep painting, when I can.