Gabriela Isabel

Born in Chile, she has completed Honours in Fine Arts and a Certificate IV in Photo-Imaging. 

She co-developed the collective "Cooking the Continent", which took her on a 8-month journey by land through the whole of South America, researching and documenting local culture through food. The resulting 13-episode series it has been broadcasted in TV stations in Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Colombia and The Philippines.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, developing and collaborating with independent artistic projects in multiple areas like documentary, photography, poetry, performance, music and community. 

Co-founder of Timber Music Box, a small and efficient production company that documents and explores the local emergent music scene. Currently developing "The Chromatic Memory" A documentary live session series funded and supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria and Creative Victoria.

Sill 2 from 'Cellula Exhalation' Video L
Gabriela Isabel

Short Interview 

What is the narrative behind your work? in other words, what inspires you?


The diversity of my work it's been always inspired by new things, new landscapes and new stories. The freshness of travelling mixed with the strange melancholy of an unknown place. The surprise factor of finding something unexpected without looking for it.

I'm inspired by bright colours, personal stories, how people gather and create relationships with diverse objects. Interiors of houses, food smells, kitchens, narrow corridors, old buildings, late nights. 


What is the feminine for you and how does it impact your work?


The feminine for me is that creative/destructive force that live inside of us. 

Everyone has it, it's just that not everybody knows or are connected to it. It's an overwhelming energy that I can't control most of the times (why would I anyways?) 

It's Fertility. It's curiosity. The capability of give birth to new life in every thinkable form.

It's the resilient, sometimes silent way to revolution.

Impacts my work in every single aspect, as I'm always questioning who I am outside the role assigned to me when I grew up and how my art practice has saved me and helped me grow as an artist and a person within myself and others. In other words, I wouldn't believe in life at all if it wasn't for art and creative practices.


Can you tell us about some of the challenges you face as a female artist / non-binary femme artist?


White patriarchy in our society is very much everywhere and the creative world is no exception. We've come a long way, generations of femmes/females fighting to open spaces that weren't allowed to us for many years. We are changing the way to see ourselves and the capabilities that we have developed through both our personal and professional growth, but we're still walking to get to the desired place.

My biggest challenge would be the constant need to "prove yourself" in front to other male colleagues in order to demonstrate that you're able and capable and professional enough to be there. 

In a few words, can you share with us what have been some of the key elements to develop your artistic career?


I'd prefer to say "creative career" as my work mostly involves spaces and practices outside the art gallery, and for me I think that's been key to develop the strength and cross pollination necessary for my multi-creative outlets and to be able to work in collaboration with many creatives from different disciplines and explore worlds and people that I wouldn't have met otherwise.